The Game Awards (TGA) 2022 was one of the funniest and most interesting Game Awards so far, but not because of the games. It was because of the party crasher who nominated Bill Clinton out of nowhere. Now, with TGA 2023 soon upon us. the TGA 2022 Bill Clinton kid, Matan Even, just released what is perhaps the most ominous post for the show.

A day before TGA 2023, Geoff Keighley posted a video on the Game Awards X (formerly Twitter), giving some details about the upcoming event. It featured some highlights from TGA 2022, as well as other information such as the start time for the event's Opening Act. That's par for the course, as Geoff posted something similar last year. However, the peace that has been present for the past year was immediately broken by one of the post's quotes.

Matan Even, also known as the TGA 2022 Bill Clinton Kid, quoted the post on his X account. It had only four words:

See You Tomorrow Geoff

We have no idea if this post hints that there will be yet another party crashing that will occur, and if Even will once again nominate another prominent political figure. We don't even know if he will actually go to the event itself. Whatever the meaning of this post is, we now have something to look forward to in the upcoming TGA 2023 other than the game announcements.

This post from Even has spread far and wide on X. In fact, as of this article, it has effectively ratio'd the original post by Keighley (sitting at 774 replies, 7,900 reposts, and 58,000 likes compared to Keighley's 260 replies, 1,900 reposts, and 8,900 likes). It has even spawned some very amusing memes and reactions from the gaming community, who are definitely looking forward to more shenanigans from Even.

Why Super Mario Bros. Wonder Should Have Won Game Of The Year GOTY TGA 2023

Massimo Marchiano ·

Even's stunt last year has become a source of memes especially on X. For the most part, people loved what Even did, as it was something that brought confusion and amusement to everyone who was watching. Some even joked that it was actually Bill Clinton, and not Elden Ring, that won Game of the Year. Whatever the reason for his post is, we are now definitely waiting in anticipation for his next antics.

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