The season three finale set the stage for a chaotic season four of The Boys, with Homelander's brutal actions being praised by his supporters and the titular team now targeting Vice Presidential candidate Victoria Neumann. Viewers now know when they will get to see Billy Butcher, Hughie, Starlight, and the rest of the team back on Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime Video took to social media on Thursday to confirm when season five would ne hitting the streaming service, with series set to return on June 13. Alongside the date, the announcement included an image of Homelander and Neumann out on the campaign trail to try and secure the pair's influence in the White House.

The June release date falls in line with season three's episode schedule that began with its premiere, Payback, on June 3, 2022. By contrast, season two premiered around early-September 2020 and season one kicking off in late-July 2019.

Season four of The Boys is already poised to be an eventful season as everyone is looking to consolidate their power and position.

While Homelander appears to have found the perfect accomplice in Neumann, The Boys are coming into the season fractured as a result of Billy's manipulations and reckless use of V24 to try and kill Homelander. The team will have to put their issues with Billy aside, for now, if they want to have any hope of ending the potential threat Homelander presents to the world if Neumann were to make it into the White House.

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Season four will introduce several new characters, as well, who will join the fight between The Boys and Homelander. The world's most powerful Supe will be joined by Firecracker and Sister Sage, portrayed by Valorie Curry and Susan Heyward respectively, as potentially the newest members of The Seven. Then there is Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who is set to join the series in a mystery role that has been teased to be close to Billy.

The Boys season four is scheduled to premiere on Amazon Prime Video.