The Miami Heat are coming off an NBA Finals appearance and riding high on the future of their franchise. Now, going into next season, they have young players whom they could trade to get win-now players or they could just run it back and wait until next offseason to try and sign a star player in free agency

Trade rumors will fly around the Heat until they decide which route to take.

On the daily Locked On Heat Podcast, host David Ramil explored the possibility of Miami trading for Jrue Holiday and why ultimately the South Beach franchise shouldn’t trade for him.

David Ramil: Here’s the other side of it, why doesn’t Jrue Holiday make sense for the Heat? He’s 30 years old, that’s the biggest knock on him. He’s not a superstar in the sense of LeBron James or Antetokounmpo–somebody along those lines–but he’s very, very solid and dependable. Is he a significant improvement that you’d be willing to risk giving up flexibility for? That’s a huge question. I’m not so sure that Miami does do it.

What would it take to acquire him? I think that’s a huge question as far as why you want to go after a guy like Holiday as well. For Tyler Herro to be included in some certain trade talks and trade scenarios, I think that’s a done deal. I don’t think that makes any sense at all for Miami, a guy like Herro who’s 20 years old. We talked about this in his recent exit interview. There’s All-Star potential there. He could be a solid defender. He has the instincts. He’s got that work ethic times 10. He’s a much better score than Holiday ever will be. If that’s the case, why are you willing to give that up?

I get that you need help from a defensive perspective as far as guards are concerned, but you’ve got the draft for that. You’ve got other options. You can sign a guy like Wes Matthews to join his former Marquette teammate on the Heat roster. I think that makes a lot of sense too. I don’t necessarily see why you want to mortgage your future, lock yourself into a guy like Holiday as good as he is right away. I know it’s sexy to bring in a name like Holiday, a guy who ups your defensive intensity to a certain degree. I just also don’t think that you want to sacrifice your future your flexibility and certainly not give up a player of the talent of a Tyler Herro.

Ultimately, what do I think happens if the market is dead? They would prefer to deal him to the East, this is from the pelicans perspective, can Miami’s offer of Kendrick Nunn, Kelly Olynyk and a future draft pick be enough? Again, only if it’s a really dead market and we’ve seen a number of teams already show some interest.