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The Nintendo Switch could get Bluetooth Audio Support soon

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In many ways, the Nintendo Switch stands as the gaming giant’s swansong. The success of the Switch skyrocketed close to its release in 2017. The console saved the company following the lukewarm performance of the Wii U but it still had its own shortcomings. Nintendo broke the bank and conventional gaming console standards with all of the innovations of the portable home console but they fell short in one crucial area. Many players lamented the lack of Bluetooth audio support for the Switch. Now, it’s beginning to look like the successful console might finally receive Bluetooth Audio support.


Nintendo released the official patch notes for the upcoming 12.0.0 firmware update. The notes don’t specifically include anything about any audio upgrades but several data miners found gold. Data miners excel at extrapolating information from things that normally don’t get looked at too closely. Naturally, developers always prefer to announce their updates on their terms but leakers and data miners operate on a different wavelength.

OatmealDome, a famous Nintendo data miner, allegedly found parts of the upcoming Switch firmware update that points towards some long-awaited feature for the console. The code allegedly includes audio support for the Bluetooth driver. Mined data stands on the same level as leaked information. Naturally, these details won’t be confirmed until Nintendo comes out with an official announcement. OatmealDome shared his insight on the potential addition of Bluetooth support.

“I personally don’t think Nintendo would add this for no reason, so hopefully this will be used somewhere, especially since Bluetooth Audio is a highly requested feature on the Switch. We’ll see what happens. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. Nintendo works in mysterious ways.”

Should Nintendo finally decide to add Bluetooth support for the Switch they will most likely develop devices compatible with the console. Hopefully, this mined data turns to be true for gamers everywhere.