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The odds Kemba Walker becomes a Cavalier in the Next 24 Hours

I personally don’t think there is a Cavs fan out there right now, who doesn’t want them to trade for someone before the deadline on Thursday. It’s pretty much unanimous around the world that the Cavs need to do something, and with few players left to choose from, it looks like they are eyeing up a move for Kemba Walker.

Obviously any deal looked at would need completing before the trade deadline, and when you look at it, there is a belief that something can get done between the teams. The Hornets are clearly listening to offers, while they started off refusing any offer that didn’t include an all-star, they are surely in a position now where they will accept a little lower. That brings the Cavs right into play with one important piece, the much talked about Brooklyn pick. It may not be the all-star wanted by the Hornets, but it does give them something to work with in the future, plus whatever else they could get from the Cavs, which may include Isaiah Thomas.

The desperation and pressure on the Cavs to get something done in the next 20 hours, along with the slightly lower asking price for Walker could be what gets this deal over the line. The longer it goes, the more the Cavs need to do something, and with Walker clearly available and a player they like, the odds on them turning to him are increasing.

Will Cleveland get their man? That remains to be seen, but one thing is apparent, they are trying and have been talking with the Hornets in recent days.

Walker would solve numerous problems for the Cavs, and he would surely be a hit with the fans down in Cleveland, so if they are looking to do the popular thing, bringing in Kemba would be it. So let’s take a look at why the Cleveland Cavaliers would want to sign Kemba Walker before the NBA 2018 trade deadline.

Steve Clifford, Kemba Walker

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Walker is a Legitimate Top Player in the NBA

This is the reason why a lot of franchises are keen to add Walker to their ranks, simply because he is a damn good basketball player. He is very good to watch, can score for fun and will bring an excitement and energy to the Cavs that has been missing for some weeks. Regardless of what else is going off in Cleveland right now, Walker is a top player, probably the best player available before the window, so it makes sense that he would be a target for them, and for other teams.

There are many teams out there who would love to add Walker to their lineup, and those teams could have already offered packages to the Hornets. However, what the Cavs have is the puling power of LeBron, and that should be enough to get Walker on board with the Cavs if it came to him to make the decision. We don’t really have time to start a bidding war for Walker, and that is something else that could swing this in the favor of the Cavs, as soon as Walker is made aware of the deal on the table, he may want out, and Charlotte may have to accept what they are given.

The Cavs Need Help Right Now

Everyone can see what is happening in Cleveland right now, and while none of us are on the inside seeing the actual events, from the outside we can all see something is wrong. For whatever reason, the Cavs are miles off where they should be, and where their fans expect them to be. That is not good enough, and to get out of this predicament they need some help now, Kemba Walker would bring them that.

The best thing about Walker is that he is fully settled in this league, he knows the players and moving to a place like Cleveland would excite him. He would jump at the chance to help turn around this franchise, and wouldn’t need long to do so. He is an exceptional talent, capable of playing with the best, and he can pull LeBron and co out of this rut they are in, helping them to contend once more in the east.

Kemba Walker


The Cavs don’t need a player who can play small minutes and help them manage their stars, they don’t need someone who will need time to adjust, they need a star, impact player who can step in and contribute right away. That man, seemingly is Kemba Walker, and while there would be a huge amount of pressure on him, he looks to be the kind of guy that relishes that, and turning around Cleveland would be something he would love to have a shot at.

Oct 17, 2017; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James (23) and Boston Celtics guard Kyrie Irving (11) hug after the Cavs beat the Celtics 102-99 at Quicken Loans Arena. Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports ORG XMIT: USATSI-362220 ORIG FILE ID: 20171017_tdc_bk4_118.JPG

Watch Out! The Celtics are Coming for the Cavs

At the start of this season, had there been a vote on who would win an Eastern Conference final matchup between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics, those voting would all pretty much have voted for the Cavs. If you did the same vote right now, I reckon the results would be interesting. I personally would back the Celtics based on the rosters right now, but Kemba Walker is a man who could change that.

The Cavs have dominated things in the East for a while now, but they knew the challenge was coming from the Celtics. Perhaps the challenge has come a little earlier than expected, but regardless of that, the Cavs need to respond to the pressure being put on them. We have seen the Celtics roll along with their younger players taking bigger and better roles, while the Cavs have sunk this season.

LeBron James, Kyrie Irving

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At a time like this, you need to stand up and be counted, and as a franchise there is no better way to do that than by announcing a huge trade deal to bring a star player to your team. Not only does Kemba Walker bring a lot to the court that the Cavs will benefit from, but his name sends a message to the rest of the NBA. That message is simple, the Cavs are not done yet, and won’t be for a while longer. It is important for the Cavs to get that message out, people have started to doubt them, and if they want to remain in control they must shut that down before the deadline.

LeBron James


The Cavs Need to Show LeBron They Mean Business

I’m sure people are already fed up of hearing the rumors circulating around LeBron possibly leaving the Cavs this summer, well one thing is for sure, they won’t go away until LeBron says so.

The Cavs are in a tricky position, but one they need to be positive with. They can either keep their assets, so they have something to use if LeBron decides to leave, or they get rid and sign a great team to convince him that staying is the right thing to do.

I hope they do the latter, because you never know when a player like LeBron will next appear on your team. Having assets is good, but they need multiple good youngsters to come from those if the Cavs are to do anything after LeBron has left. That is why they should be positive, they may ruin their team in five years, but they have to focus on trying to win a championship again while they still have LeBron.

By signing Kemba Walker the Cavs don’t have a piece that will help now, but one that will also help in the summer. If LeBron is to stay then the team will have to sit down with him and show him their plans to build. By bringing in Walker right now, they are showing LeBron that they back him, and they will do whatever it takes to keep him happy, and to keep the Cavs as the top franchise in the East.

The goal right now for Cleveland should be to win a cup with LeBron, and signing Kemba Walker would help them with that. However, what they don’t need to do is worry how they are going to contend for a cup without LeBron, because when they start thinking negative like that,  they will start making bad moves and focusing on anything but the present day.

Kemba Walker Hornets Record

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The next 20 hours are going to be huge for fans of the Cavs, and it is going to be interesting to see what they do. The odds on them signing Kemba Walker right now look fairly good, and he is certainly someone who can help them get back on track. The feeling from the fans is that the Cavs have to make a move, something that will have been received loud and clear by the front office. Now we need to wait and see if they get the deal done, and Kemba Walker become the latest addition to the Cleveland Cavaliers.