Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving can dazzle on the offensive end of the floor with an array of dribble moves, incredible quickness, and a strong jumper. His defensive abilities are a different story, though.

During the first two games of the NBA Finals, the Golden State Warriors have run away from the Cavs for blowout victories. This has partially occurred due to the Dubs being able to exploit Irving's woes defensively.

On ESPN's First Take this morning, Stephen A. Smith revealed how well the Warriors, collectively, are shooting when being guarded by Kyrie in this series.

Skip to the 7:54 mark to hear this ridiculous statistic.

That's right, 78 percent as a team when being guarded by Irving. That's absurd, and if the Cavs have any hope of making a comeback in this series, that will need to change.

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