Punctuality is an important quality of a professional. Unfortunately for Minnesota Timberwolves star Anthony Edwards, he was not able to display that at the start of Monday night's home game versus the visiting Portland Trail Blazers. See, Edward showed up late for the opening tip of the contest, resulting in him coming off the bench — and getting pelted with criticisms from angry NBA fans online.

“This game is a prime example why Anthony Edwards is not quite at MVP level. Ant showing up late to start. Only attempting one shot. Shai has to score 30 a game just for OKC to stay competitive and OKC is at the top of the west,” said @mrrandomalley.

Some people have gone overboard with their theories on why the Timberwolves scoring machine was late to the game.

“Damn Anthony Edwards must be under the influence. Late and now playing like 🗑. Must have been celebrating that birth pretty heavily,” posted @Bobocop247365.

Here's another one from @yourboyCLE: “Yeah Anthony Edwards banned. Shows up late, has taken one shot and looks like he don’t even want to be playing tonight. NBA players are so soft man lmao.”

“Finch has been talking about having a sense of urgency for a while now, and Anthony Edwards literally showed up for the game late tonight. I wish he’d bench him but I know he doesn’t have the stones to do it,” chimed in @Aaron_Dempewolf.

Perhaps Edwards can get a break here. He just became a dad and he's probably still in the process of adjusting to the latest major life development. Nevertheless, the Timberwolves need him all the time. He is their best and most important player in their quest to clinch a playoff spot and finish the regular season with the top seed in the Western Conference.