Robert Covington, the newest member of the Minnesota Timberwolves, is already forging his way into the franchise's history books.

In their 128-89 blowout win over the San Antonio Spurs, Covington recorded a plus/minus of +44, the highest statistic ever recorded since Joe Smith's +52 in 2001.

Covington's stat line reads 21 points, nine rebounds, 8-of-15 shooting from the field, 4-of-9 from downtown, and zero turnovers. One may assume that the Philadelphia 76ers won the trade especially because of Jimmy Butler's late game heroics. But since acquiring Covington, the Timberwolves have won six of the last eight games.

Covington may not be able to deliver consistency on the offensive side of the floor, but as a defensive stalwart, it's almost a guarantee that the team will get several defensive stops every night.

Per Dane Moore of Zone Coverage, Covington was caught blurting out great advice to 23-year-old Karl-Anthony Towns last Saturday:

“You have to tell ’em,” Covington said in the locker room after the Wolves Saturday night win. “You can’t sugar coat things. That’s one thing we had back in Philly and the same thing I’m bringing here. Tell guys if they fuckin’ up that they fuckin’ up.”

These little talks have translated into statistics that prove that the Timberwolves also got the best out of the blockbuster trade. Per Aaron Gleeman of Baseball Prospectus: