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Derrick Henry reflects on contract extension talks

Derrick Henry, Titans

The Tennessee Titans and superstar running back Derrick Henry reached an agreement on a four-year contract extension worth $50-million on Wednesday.

It was a contract extension that everyone knew was in the works. However, it was also one that many people did not seem to be sure was going to happen.

Were the Titans going to give Henry the pay he felt he deserved? Or would they want to try and spend that money in other places?

Usually, the big argument against running backs is a shorter shelf life and their level of importance in the offense. Some feel a good running back does not do much for a team.

Henry proved that wrong though. His incredible rushing numbers catapulted Tennessee to two playoff wins in 2019. Wins that would not have happened if it was not for him.

So how did the running back himself feel about the negotiations? According to Josh Alper of ProFootballTalk.com, Henry never had any doubts about getting a deal done with the Titans:

“Henry spoke to reporters on a conference call Thursday and said he “didn’t have any doubt at all” that they would reach an agreement. He also said that he thought the COVID-19 pandemic made things “more hectic because of what’s going on and nobody knows really what’s going to happen.”

“I just thought the deal made sense for me, and if it gives us more room to bring in somebody else to help this team, I am all for it,” Henry said. “Any time you can improve your team at positions that we need, it is always a big benefit. Hopefully, if my deal possibly did that, hopefully we can bring somebody in that can help this team improve us more.””

So while many were not sure what was going to happen with the running back and the Titans, Henry himself was positive. Things would work out.

Henry got a big payday, and it still gives the Titans some flexibility with the roster. They can still make changes and additions to create a team that can truly compete for a Super Bowl ring.

So both sides got what they needed here. Tennessee got a star running back and money to play with, and Henry got a boatload of money. Meanwhile, both sides are now in a position to go after a ring.

And isn’t that the main goal to begin with?