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Titans’ Marcus Mariota will continue to be involved in Tennessee

Titans, Marcus Mariota

The Tennessee Titans surprisingly find themselves in the AFC Championships after an unlikely playoff run. The Titans have taken down the New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens systematically. While Marcus Mariota wasn’t starting in the pocket, he was definitely a part of the team’s success.

According to Titans Online’s Jim Wyatt, head coach Mike Vrabel intends to make the most of the talent Mariota can offer to the team. Vrabel plans to involve him with Tennessee as much as possible. This means that he will likely use him as a stand-in for Patrick Mahomes during the Titans’ preparations against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Mariota was the perfect fit to simulate how Lamar Jackson would play against the Titans last weekend. Mariota can throw and run the football, so him helping the team out during practice was an understandable move. It even turned out to be a fantastic one as the Titans were fully prepared for whatever Jackson threw at them.

A look at the statistics can make you understand why Vrabel pulled the plug on Mariota as the starting QB. He threw a decent 1,116 passing yards, but his seven touchdowns weren’t enough to help the Titans win games. They were 2-4 during the time he was playing as the starting QB. And Derrick Henry didn’t exactly play his best when he was lined up with Mariota.

However, Mariota took the hit to his ego with stride and did whatever he could to help Tennessee win. He’s still an asset to the team, and Vrabel intends to make the most of his talents.