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Tennessee Titans believe uniform unveiling proves they can host the NFL Draft

The NFL Draft used to be held in New York City every year, but a few years ago the league decided to start moving it around. Since then it has been to Chicago twice, Philadelphia last year and will be in Dallas this year.

Officials with the Tennessee Titans would love to host it in Nashville. Since their recent uniform unveiling event went off so well, they think it is proof they can pull it off.


“Wow! I am just blown away by this. And you know what, Mike?” Strunk said to Mike Keith, who emceed the event, before turning to the audience, via Tennesseean. “I think Nashville needs to host the NFL draft! What do you think?”

The Titans recently revealed their redesigned uniforms at a special event in Nashville complete with a free concert and fireworks. On a Wednesday night, they had an estimated 20,000 in attendance just to see the team’s new uniforms (and maybe the free concert).

If they are able to put on an event that pulls in that kind of crowd in the middle of the week, then maybe they could host something like the draft. You know, something that has a representative from all 32 teams in attendance, the NFL’s leadership, and thousands and thousands of fans from around the country.

They did a good job with the uniform unveiling, but hosting the draft is a different kind of challenge. But the Titans may get their chance. Nashville is in contention to host the 2019 and 2020 Drafts. They are one of five finalists along with Kansas City, Cleveland/Canton, Denver, and Las Vegas.