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Titans WR Julio Jones’ unreal touchdown gets called back…for some reason


Tennessee Titans wide receiver Julio Jones grabbed what surely would’ve been an early catch-of-the-year candidate in the end zone during his team’s week 2 matchup with the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, except the catch was deemed incomplete after a review of the play.

Judge it for yourself. Jones appears to get both feet down in the endzone before falling out of bounds, but upon review, the officials determined that after planting his right foot inbounds, Jones’ left heel lands a sliver out of bounds before his left toe lands inbounds. It really depends on the angle.

“You look for that slice of green (turf), and when you do look at this, it’s difficult to see that slice of green (turf),” said former NFL referee and current CBS analyst Gene Steratore during the game (H/T the Tennessean). “It appears like Jones, the red of his heel looks like it’s out. But I think he might need to go to green shoes instead of blue and red.”

The catch would’ve been his first touchdown as a Titan, and would’ve cut the Seahawks’ lead down to a manageable figure. Jones currently has 60 career touchdowns, which ranks no. 11 among active NFL players (if we count Larry Fitzgerald).