Jose Aldo and TJ Dillashaw have been a dream fight for many people since the Brazilian moved down to bantamweight. They were UFC champions at the same time and many see it as a sort of ‘super-fight.'

TJ Dillashaw was recently asked about it in an interview with ESPN. The former UFC bantamweight champion thinks the fight has to happen at some point.

“I think he has called me out after every one of his fights recently which is amazing,” Dillashaw said (h/t MMA News). “Especially because I’ve looked up to Aldo, I think everyone has looked up to Aldo. Aldo’s been like one of the godfathers of the lower weight classes, but we’ll have our time, he keeps doing what he’s doing, I’m going to get my belt back, and then it would be really amazing. I've been impressed with how he's kind of turned it around at 135. A fight with me and Aldo is amazing. Stylistically I think that matchup's really great for me. He's got some stuff I can take advantage of for sure, but he's dangerous. He's very explosive, you got to be on your toes with that guy. You never underestimate him whatsoever.”

Before TJ Dillashaw can fight Jose Aldo, he has to recover from his injury. He is close to getting a title shot once he returns to the UFC.

“It's on track, I just didn't realize how much work I would have to get done,” Dillashaw told said. “I didn't realize how beat up my knee was. I knew what I tore but once I watched the video of what [the surgeon] did to me, I messed it up really bad. I almost have a full range of motion. Strength is there. I've just gotta make sure I'm safe about getting those full motions. I wouldn't say an exact timeframe, but I imagine halfway through the year. I'm able to hit mitts, strength, and conditioning. I haven't done any grappling yet. That's the last thing I'll feel comfortable about again. And then I have to start thinking about getting into a camp.”