Top 3 Decisions The Miami Dolphins Face This Offseason
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Ryan Fitzpatrick, Dolphins

Top 3 Decisions The Miami Dolphins Face This Offseason

Heading into Week 16, the Miami Dolphins are playing better football but still find themselves in a fight for one of the top three picks in the 2020 NFL Draft. This season has been one of many question marks and little answers as the Dolphins mortgaged away their chance of any success when they let go of Ryan Tannehill.

As the season gets ready to come to a close, Phins fans are wondering what’s next for a franchise that needs a bigger win off the field than they do on it. No matter where they land in the draft, who will they pick? Will they go QB, RB, or take a game-changer on the defensive end? Here are three decisions the Miami Dolphins face this offseason.

Pick The Right QB

The big question facing the Dolphins is their QB situation. Ryan Fitzpatrick is not the answer. And, by the look and sound of things, neither is Josh Rosen. The Dolphins have plenty of options in the 2020 NFL Draft. While there are great QB’s entering the league, the Dolphins don’t have to jump with their first pick.

Joe Burrow seems logical but if he’s off the board then there is Tua Tagovailoa (Alabama, if he declares), Justin Herbert (Oregon), and Jalen Hurts (Alabama). It all depends on how the Dolphins wish to approach their 2020 offensive scheme. As with most teams in search of a franchise QB, the Dolphins must be smart here.

College ball can be quite deceiving. For every Lamar Jackson and Pat Mahomes, there could be a Ryan Leaf or Josh Rosen waiting in the Green Room. But this is where things could get a little interesting for the Phins.

If they don’t see a QB they like early on, there are other options. Chris Grier could always go the trade or free agent route. With Cam Newton possibly throwing his last pass for the Carolina Panthers, the Dolphins could muster up a first and second-rounder. Newton is still young, a proven winner, and will enter the new season with a chip on his shoulders.

At the QB position, some teams are just an offensive leader away from contention. Adding a veteran like Newton who just happens to be in his last year contract wise could prove to be a great investment. The Phins have the cap space to get this done. If Newton doesn’t pan out, there is always 2021 or they can snag another potential signal-caller in the later rounds in 2020.

What To Do With Their RBs

The Dolphins have had success with their RB’s for a short time. Either they flame out after a strong showing or the Dolphins trade them. This season, it’s been a rollercoaster of a ride. Kenyan Drake was viewed as the answer after they rid themselves of Jay Ajayi. Now, Drake is taking handoffs with the Arizona Cardinals and the Dolphins are going by committee.

With Kalen Ballage, Patrick Laird, and Mark Walton, the leading rusher on the Dolphins this year heading into Week 16 is QB Ryan Fitzpatrick. Currently, the Dolphins rank 32nd in rushing yards, 32nd in attempts and 23rd in rushing touchdowns. Something has to improve here. They could go the draft route and look to snag D’Andre Swift from Georgia or Chiba Hubbard from Oklahoma State.

While adding a young player never seems to work in their favor, grabbing a veteran may be their best option. There are options out there such as Kareem Hunt, Carlos Hyde, Melvin Gordon, and Jordan Howard. No matter what the Dolphins do with their QB position, the offense will not click if there is no ground game to ease some of the load from either a rookie or veteran player.

Should They Obtain A 4th First Round Pick

The Miami Dolphins have set themselves up to have a great draft in 2020. As it stands now, they will enter the 2020 NFL Draft with three first-round picks to go along with two-second rounders, two in the third, two in the fifth, two in the sixth, and two in the seventh. If they play their cards right, the Dolphins can get what they want and more.

This season, more teams have struggled than expected and when the draft approaches, teams will be in the market to offload contracts while gaining picks. The Dolphins will have over $110M in cap space so they could clean house. A wise decision would be to go after a 4th first-rounder by trading a second and a third. This should be simple as a team in the early 20s may look to gain an addition later round pick.