The Summer Game Fest revealed some great surprises, like the Elden Ring trailer and release date announcement. But some announcements have already been leaked beforehand, so the surprise isn't there anymore. Still, we're pretty hyped about Two Point Campus, which Two Point Studios finally unveiled during the Summer Game Fest.

Two Point Campus follows up on the successful business sim Two Point Hospital. The new game takes the setting back to the school, with the same wackiness that the original had. The game currently only has a 2022 release date, with no specifics. We don't know in which quarter the game will launch, but the earlier, the better.


Franz Christian Irorita ·

“In Two Point Campus, you’ll be tasked with building and running your very own campus environment, where the decisions you make will shape the lives of the students you enrol and the staff you hire,” reads Two Point Studios' press release. We hope that the incredible Two Point community will love all the new creative freedom that Two Point Campus will bring and that new players will be intrigued by its setting and the quirky world we’re trying to build, packed with our trademark humour and charm”, said Gary Carr, Co-founder and Creative Director at Two Point Studios.

Based on the trailer, it seems like the gameplay will largely be the same. Two Point Hospital most recently got the Sonic treatment, and we hope the new game will retain the previous one's wackiness and humor. Two Point Campus will be ‘coming to all platforms' on 2022.