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Tyler Herro ranks alongside LeBron James, Dwyane Wade in Heat playoff history

While leading the Miami Heat to a Game 4 win over the Boston Celtics, guard Tyler Herro broke the record for the most points scored by a player 20-years-old or younger in a Conference Finals game. It was one of those games you had to see to believe. How could a rookie who only scored 30 points once in the regular season drop a game-high 37 points in such a big game?

On the daily Locked On Heat Podcast, host David Ramil celebrated Herro’s incredible performance and compared it to the likes of Dwyane Wade and LeBron James in Miami Heat playoff history.

David Ramil: Tyler Herro is an NBA superstar in the making. He’s a guy who understands when to make the right play, how to make the right play, when to be aggressive and look for his shot, and he was able to knock down a series of shots we’ve never seen before. This is as athletic a player, as polished a scorer as we’ve ever seen in NBA and Miami Heat franchise history.

He is up there with Dwyane Wade, he’s up there with LeBron James, a guy who can score in so many ways. He’s not as powerful a dunker as Dwyane or LeBron, but he’s still a great shooter, a guy who can create off the bounce. He’s got a really good handle, underrated passing ability, and he’s a very polished scorer.

He continues to impress teammates, everybody after the game was just talking about Tyler. Again, 37 points in a must-win game in the Eastern Conference Finals. That’s no small feat. Many players shy away from that kind of spotlight, but he seems to embrace it. He was just as confident as he was in a midseason game in late February. For him to be able to continue to put on these kinds of shows, as we’ve been seeing in the Orlando bubble, he just continues to impress me and everybody who follows this team.

I just cannot say enough about a rookie who continues to show such polish, such poise in key situations. We’ve seen it in clutch moments throughout the regular season before the hiatus, but we’re watching it now on a whole different level. This is just him in a quiet bubble environment in Orlando, putting on an incredible display of scoring prowess the likes of we have not seen in franchise history.