Former Miami Heat veteran Udonis Haslem is making headlines on the latest edition of his The OGs podcast with former teammate Mike Miller. The topic of conversation shifted to the 2010-2014 Heat which featured LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh. Per Haslem, Chris Bosh was the most important player on that team.

“Everybody think that our most important player was Bron. Our most important player, not our best player, but our most important player was CB. Yeah. He was our most important player. Because if Bron went down, you could bring in D Wade and it's not the same player, but you're going to get similar results of what you're going to get out of the player. Making plays, he can go for 30. We couldn't, we couldn't simulate it. We ain't have another CB. If [he] went down and he got hurt, we didn't have another one of those.”

Udonis Haslem isn't incorrect in his assertion. Chris Bosh was an important part of the Miami Heat Big Three, stretching the floor to allow Wade and James to drive to the basket and being the key to the team's small-ball lineup.

However, some NBA fans disagree with the assertion that Bosh was the most important player on the Heat team and argue that LeBron James was. Many point to the team's record without James in the four seasons they were together on the Heat. The Miami Heat had a 9-9 record without James in the lineup, versus a 16-9 record without Bosh.

Nevertheless, Bosh was important to the Miami Heat's success and deserves to be celebrated for his role in their two championships.