UFC 300 will forever be etched in MMA history, not for the reasons most anticipated. The night promised fireworks with the highly-touted clash between the legendary “Blessed” Max Holloway and the iron-chinned Justin Gaethje for the vacant BMF title. What it delivered was a war that defied expectations, culminating in one of the most dramatic knockouts this sport has ever witnessed.

The fight lived up to its “brawl for mankind” billing. Five rounds of relentless pressure, thunderous leg kicks, and a never-say-die spirit from both warriors had the packed T-Mobile Arena on the edge of their seats. Gaethje, true to form, marched forward throughout, his face a canvas of crimson after absorbing Holloway's lightning-fast punches and spinning back kicks. Holloway, on the other hand, weathered Gaethje's brutal leg attacks, his trademark volume striking keeping the “Highlight” on his back foot for stretches.

As the final round ticked down, the fight hung impossibly in the balance. Both fighters, battered, were running on fumes. It was Max Holloway who pointed to the canvas igniting a firefight for the last 10 seconds and Gaethje delightfully obliged.

With just one second remaining on the clock, a scene unfolded that will be replayed for years to come. Holloway and Gaethje went toe to toe until Holloway landed a thunderous right hand that connected flush on Gaethje's chin, the impact echoing through the arena. Gaethje crumpled instantly, collapsing face-first to the canvas as the horn blared to signal the end of the fight.

The silence that followed was deafening. It took a moment for the referee, Marc Goddard, to even react, such was the sheer suddenness of the finish. When he did, he waved the fight off, and pandemonium erupted. Holloway, overcome with emotion, leaped onto the Octagon fence, roaring in triumph. The crowd, stunned at first, erupted into a thunderous ovation. This was a finish for the ages.

The win not only cemented Holloway's legacy as one of the greatest featherweights ever, but it also earned him the prestigious BMF title. However, in true “Blessed” fashion, Holloway didn't seem content with just one belt.

This one title wasn't all that Holloway is looking for as he called out both Ilia Topuria and Islam Makhachev who have both haven't been too keen on defending their titles.

This call-out sent shockwaves through the MMA world. Holloway, already a two-division champion at featherweight and lightweight, is now aiming to become the first fighter in UFC history to hold the BMF title alongside another championship belt.

The prospect of Holloway facing Topuria is a mouthwatering one. Topuria was dismissive of Holloway after winning the belt

The potential fight with Makhachev is equally intriguing. Holloway and Khabib Nurmagomedov, Makhachev's training partner and mentor, almost shared a legendary fight together but Makhachev could make that fight that the fans missed out on between Holloway and Nurmagomedov.

One thing's for sure, Max Holloway isn't done making history. He just keeps defying the odds. We'll see what's next for him, but one thing's for sure, the future of this sport is in good hands with guys like him.

UFC 300 will be remembered for many reasons, but the image of Max Holloway, battered but triumphant,