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Nick Diaz sends Robbie Lawler stern warning ahead of UFC fight

UFC, UFC 266, Nick Diaz, Robbie Lawler

Ahead of his UFC return, Nick Diaz has issued a dire warning to his opponent Robbie Lawler.

After more than six years, Nick Diaz is finally making his MMA comeback and will be taking on former welterweight champion Robbie Lawler at UFC 266 happening this weekend.

Diaz first crossed paths with Lawler in 2004 at UFC 47 where he made an easy work on “Ruthless,” knocking him out in the second round.

Nearly 17 years after his sensational win over the former UFC champ, Diaz boldly claimed he is “more of a dangerous fighter” now compared to that who beat Lawler in 2004.

“I’m actually way more of a dangerous fighter than I was when I fought Robbie Lawler the first time,” Diaz said on the UFC 266 Countdown show. “I’m not going out there to call him names, I’m going to be a lot more sportsmanlike out there, but that’s not what won me the fight, that surprised him a little bit but I would’ve won the fight anyway.”

“I’m going to be unstoppable having made the right decisions, I’m going to beat Robbie again,” he vowed.

Lawler, on the other hand, had just shot down speculations that the Diaz fight will be his last.

Instead, the 39-year-old insisted that his “body feels good” and he is hyped about facing a “big name” like Diaz once again.

“I’ve been doing this a long time, my body feels good,” Lawler said. “It’s just waiting for good fights that get me excited, and this is one of those fights. Nick Diaz is a big name and this is going to be a big event.”