After a long search for a new head coach, it sounds like the USC Trojans have finally made their decision. Lincoln Riley has been a sought-after candidate this year, as he's one of the better coaches available for hire. The former head coach of the Oklahoma Sooners seems to have found a new home in Southern California.

According to Pete Thamel, “USC is targeting Lincoln Riley as the school's next coach.” This is massive news for the Trojans, as the school has struggled to find success through recent years. Now, with Riley in charge, USC is hopeful they can return to former glory.

It seems to be a done deal as we can “expect an announcement on this in the (next) 24 hours,” per Pete Thamel. This is exciting news for USC, as they haven't been as consistent in the Pac-12 like they used to be.

Lincoln Riley finished with a 55-10 record during his tenure in Oklahoma. That's the exact type of production the Trojans need to get back on track. College football has been dominated by the SEC lately. Having Riley join USC, the Pac-12 could be making its way to becoming a legitimate threat for the College Football Playoffs.

We'll see how this plays out, as the Trojans are a proud school that's determined to be competitive in all sports. If Lincoln Riley does it right, USC could find themselves back in contention sooner, rather than later.

It'll be interesting how this affects the recruiting system for USC. Riley had a solid pipeline during his time with the Oklahoma Sooners and could bring some of his connections with him to USC. Additionally, the Trojans are a prestigious school that excels in recruiting. Things are getting interesting in the Pac-12.