U.S. Soccer Sporting Director Matt Crocker has expressed confidence that the appointment of Emma Hayes as the next permanent manager of the US Women's National Team (USWNT) is worth the wait, reported by GOAL. The official announcement last week unveiled Hayes as the successor, set to take charge in May. Despite the tight timeline, with only two months to prepare for the Paris Olympics, Crocker believes that Hayes, the renowned Chelsea boss, brings not just coaching expertise but also charisma and gravitas.

During a press conference in Las Vegas, Crocker highlighted his positive impressions of Hayes, stating, “I started to realize not only was she a fantastic coach, but also a great person and somebody with real gravitas and charisma.” The delay in Hayes' start date prompted questions about the readiness for the Olympics, but Crocker assured that the interim coach, Twila Kilgore, will manage the day-to-day operations and stay in close contact with Hayes.

Crocker emphasized Kilgore's leadership qualities and expressed confidence in the interim plan, assuring that it would ensure the team's readiness for the Olympics. The strategic coordination between Kilgore and Hayes aims to provide continuity and a smooth transition, allowing the USWNT to be well-prepared for the upcoming challenges.

Emma Hayes, who has enjoyed a highly successful tenure with Chelsea, will have the opportunity to observe Paris, albeit indirectly, as Chelsea faces Paris FC in the Champions League at Stamford Bridge on Thursday night. The anticipation for Hayes' leadership and the collaborative approach with Kilgore will be closely watched by fans and stakeholders in the world of women's football.