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Vikings QB Kirk Cousins calls penalty on Packers’ Clay Matthews ‘generous call’ for Minnesota

Kirk Cousins, Vikings

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins weighed in on the roughing-the-passer penalty that put his team back into the game on Sunday. Cousins threw an interception to rookie cornerback Jaire Alexander in the closing minutes, but it was called back because of a hit he took from Clay Matthews, via NBC Sports.

“I haven’t seen it. I’m sure it was probably a generous call, and two or three years ago, it probably doesn’t get flagged. But that’s one of those plays the Packers felt made a huge difference in the game, and there are some we felt made a huge difference in the game. Both sides can point to several plays I’m sure.”

Cousins is aware that the new rules promoting quarterback safety saved him in this instance. Had the interception stood, the Packers, who were up 29-21 at the time, would have run the clock out for the win. Instead, Cousins got the opportunity to thread the needle on a touchdown pass to Adam Thielen to close the gap. He went on to find Stefon Diggs on a fade route to complete a two-point conversion, tying the game at 29-29.

The fact that even Cousins doesn’t even believe in the legitimacy of the call will only make the tie hurt even more for Packers fans. Even still, they should be happy that Daniel Carson went 0-for-3 in his field goal attempts and couldn’t connect on the potential game-winner. The league will continue to review that play to help define what a safe hit is as the season progresses.