The Golden State Warriors have already been one of the busiest teams in the offseason, and it has only been a couple of weeks since the Denver Nuggets won the NBA championship. The Warriors' last big splash was a trade centered around a swap between Chris Paul and Jordan Poole. Paul is teaming up with Stephen Curry and the rest of the crew, while Poole has found his new home in Washington D.C.

The Warriors made this trade with financial reasons in mind, but it did also come at a cost of some young talent and draft capital. From the optimistic point of view, it is a win-now move for the Warriors, who only have a couple of seasons left in the prime of their Big 3. Moreover, the non-Curry minutes have been a disaster for Golden State, so Paul will mitigate that issue.

Another positive is Golden State was able to retain its 2023 first-round pick in the trade. The Warriors made that pick and selected Santa Clara's Brandin Podziemski at No. 19 in the 2023 NBA Draft. A pure scorer who has elite outside shooting prowess brings upside on the NBA stage, but it will be a grind for him to earn his minutes in Golden State at the outset.

The Dubs also selected Trayce Jackson-Davis late in the second round after another trade with Washington.

The Warriors have shifted a bit from their so-called “two timelines” philosophy by trading away James Wiseman and then Poole. There were also trade rumors involving Jonathan Kuminga ahead of the draft, with the Indiana Pacers showing serious interest. While Kuminga and Moses Moody are still around, the Dubs could look at more trade options with them to find more win-now talent.

Here's one target Golden State should look at.

Warriors Trade Target: Jarrett Allen

When the Warriors completed the Paul trade and then the Podziemski selection in the NBA Draft, the focus was still on the guard position, which has been a strength for them. Their weakness, which was exploited in last season's semifinals against the Los Angeles Lakers, was their lack of size and rebounding. The Lakers pounded them in the paint, which overly exhausted Draymond Green and Kevon Looney on that end of the floor.

Golden State doesn't have a whole lot of flexibility left with the pieces on the roster, but they can target Cleveland Cavaliers center Jarrett Allen. Due to his dismal performance in the playoffs, Allen has been floating in trade rumors the past couple of weeks, which is a tad bit surprising. Allen's contract is tradable because it is at only $20 million per year for the next three seasons, so Golden State must look into a potential deal.

Allen's athleticism and versatility would be vital in the schemes of the Warriors. In their early championship runs, they had someone like Andrew Bogut or JaVale McGee to set tremendous screens and catch timely lobs at the rim. Allen's role would not be as flashy on the highlight reel, but Golden State lacks somebody who can consistently make his contributions.

The weakness of Allen as a subpar perimeter shooter wouldn't be a massive issue because Bogut and McGee were not threats from the outside either. Warriors head coach Steve Kerr is used to having bigs with the skill set and repertoire Allen possesses.

If the Cavaliers are somehow interested in this trade, the Warriors would go even more all in to their win-now mentality as Jonathan Kuminga and Moses Moody would likely be included in the return package. It could be a long-term sacrifice for Golden State, but having Jarrett Allen would put them in the same stratosphere as the defending champion Denver Nuggets.