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Warriors’ Andre Iguodala claps back at perplexing LeBron James take from Skip Bayless

Andre Iguodala LeBron James Skip Bayless Warriors Lakers

Golden State Warriors fans were delighted to hear the news that longtime veteran Andre Iguodala was on his way back to the Bay Area. But leave it to Skip Bayless to find a way to connect anything and everything to LeBron James.

The Fox Sports 1 personality saw Iguodala’s decision to return to the Warriors as an indication that he was also categorically rejecting teaming up with LeBron James on the Los Angeles Lakers.

Sounds like Andre Iguodala, age 37, just chose to return to Golden State over becoming LeBron’s teammate. Why join him when you’ve routinely beaten him and always been his defensive nemesis? Besides, the Lakers are a little too old for Iggy.

Feels like a bit of a stretch there. But I guess technically anyone who doesn’t sign with the Lakers is actively spurning LeBron James if you really think about it. Iguodala himself was quick to answer back claiming that Bron was in fact ‘god status’, openly refuting Bayless’ explanation for Iggy signing with the Warriors.

Andre Iguodala will forever be linked to LeBron James for multiple reasons. He was the Warriors’ primary defender on James during their heated NBA Finals clashes. Iggy famously won the Finals MVP trophy for doing all he can to slow down a monstrous James back in the 2015 Finals. Iguodala will also forever be immortalized as the guy who was “blocked by James”.

Hopefully we see another Iguodala-James showdown if the Warriors match up with the Lakers in the NBA playoffs. Skip Bayless will definitely be watching at the edge of his seat, phone in hand, for that one.