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Warriors’ Andre Iguodala ‘upset’ over Andrew Wiggins’ anti-vax fiasco

Warriors, Andre Iguodala, Andrew Wiggins

Golden State Warriors stud Andrew Wiggins has emerged as one of the most controversial players in the NBA of late after he revealed his strong stance against the COVID-19 vaccine. Reports suggest that Wiggins and the Warriors could face major repercussions if he refuses to get vaccinated, which might include not being able to play in home games. All this isn’t making Dubs teammate Andre Iguodala happy.

When asked about Wiggins’ unwillingness to get the vaccine, Iguodala admitted that he’s “upset” not with Wiggins, but with how his Warriors teammate has been crucified by the media for his personal opinion on the vaccine:

“I think we all have to do our homework a little bit better. That’s for all of us,” Iguodala said, via Colin Ward-Henniger of CBS Sports. “I’ve been upset reading about Andrew Wiggins because it’s painting the wrong picture. We’re in a day and age now where perception can become reality. And the perception that’s going on about him is hurting his value and ultimately can affect the wealth that he accumulates, which is totally unfair.

“If you do your homework the way it should be done, you understand there’s people who have an excuse and there’s people who have actual values. He’s a guy that has values, and he’s the type of guy I’ll stand by. He’s the type of guy I’ll risk being around the situation. I’m vaccinated and I have an understanding about this, and he has a different understanding, but his understanding is something that I truly respect, and I have a value for how he sees life. He’s the type of guy that I support the whole way. Hopefully we can find a solution.”

Iguodala is offering his support for Wiggins regardless of whether or not he decides to get the vaccine or not. Nevertheless, with San Francisco being one of the cities in the nation that mandates vaccinations, Wiggins could end up missing a huge chunk of the 2021-22 season for the Warriors if he opts not to get vaccinated.

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr has also spoken out about the issue, but he seems to be taking a more hands-off approach:

“I haven’t spent any time thinking about that. Nor will I,” Kerr said. “We’ll just see how everything plays out. We’re hopeful that it’s all resolved over the next couple of weeks. We’re going into tomorrow with a plan to have everyone out on the floor and ready to roll.”

There’s no denying that Andrew Wiggins is sitting right in the middle of a very controversial issue. However, it is also clear that the Warriors aren’t throwing him under the bus for his stance against the vaccine.