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RUMOR: Warriors’ Andrew Wiggins expected to receive religious exemption for COVID-19 vaccine

Warriors, Andrew Wiggins

The Golden State Warriors’ problem with the backup point guard position is minute compared to the potential starting lineup dilemma. The city of San Francisco requires all players and employees to be vaccinated before entering the Chase Center. Anyone who isn’t vaccinated is not allowed entry, and that includes players. Interestingly, sources say starting small forward Andrew Wiggins is electing not to get the vaccine.

According to Rusty Simmons of The San Francisco Chronicle, Wiggins is in the process of getting a religious exemption from the NBA to avoid taking the vaccine. That still doesn’t mean he’s cleared to play. The city could potentially not allow Wiggins to play in home games, even after getting a religious pass.

The Warriors will be without Klay Thompson and James Wiseman to start the season. Losing Wiggins because of this would be a significant blow. When you’re trying to bounce back from two straight years of missing the playoffs, this isn’t a good start.

Last season, Andrew Wiggins had one of the best seasons of his career. He averaged 18.6 points on 47.7 percent shooting and 38.0 percent from deep. With Thompson being out for the start of the season, he will need to carry a large workload offensively.

Fans should keep a close eye on the developments of this situation. It was said Wiggins could lose more than $350,000 for each game he misses– a costly fee for him individually and possibly detrimental to the team’s success. It’s a situation the NBA and the Warriors are trying to deal with, but the city of San Francisco has the final say in the end.