Warriors news: Andrew Bogut explains why he plans to return to Sydney next season
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Andrew Bogut explains why he plans to return to Sydney next season

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Golden State Warriors center Andrew Bogut will have a short-lived stint with the team after all, as he told Yahoo Sports Australia of his plans to return home soon after the season is done.

The 7-footer had gone back to Sydney soon after the Los Angeles Lakers waived him, the third waiver in a row in his two previous NBA seasons, citing the importance of being close to his family.

Bogut now cites not only his family, but looking out for his long-term health as reasons to why he will no longer go through the grueling nature of an 82-game-plus NBA season.

“It doesn’t really sit well with me when people say I need to prove that I can still play in the NBA. I know I can,” wrote Bogut. “Coming back to the NBL was great for myself, my body and my family. I just don’t really want to get involved in the grueling 82-game NBA season from September until June any more.

I feel like I need to be at home more in the next few years, especially with two young kids. Coming to the NBA for a few months is very doable with the kids, but a full 10-month season isn’t something that I want to do.

I know I can still play in the league but it’s not something I’m looking to do long term. I’m very happy in Sydney and I think we’re doing something pretty special there.”

Bogut has proven he’s still capable of hanging with NBA talent, quickly taking the Warriors’ starting spot at center after DeMarcus Cousins’ season-ending injury.