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Charles Barkley wonders who has thinner skin: Shaquille O’Neal or Kevin Durant

charles barkley, shaquille o'neal, kevin durant

TNT analyst Charles Barkley has questioned Kevin Durant’s offseason social media antics multiple times, but the Hall of Famer took it to another level this week, taking a shot at his co-panelist Shaquille O’Neal while ripping on the Golden State Warriors superstar.

“Who’s got thinner skin: Shaquille O’Neal or Kevin Durant? They’ve both got thin skin like Flat Stanley,” Barkley quipped, referencing author Jeff Brown’s children’s book series whose title character was flattened by a bulletin board — per Ben Golliver of Sports Illustrated. “They need to just chill out.”

Barkley also turned down any notion of Durant being a “tough guy,” saying he is just a “really nice guy trying to be a bad guy.”

The comments won’t take long to reach Durant, as he is taking part in USA Basketball’s minicamp in Las Vegas and is bound to be available to the media any time this week.

This is hardly the first time Barkley has taken a veiled shot at the Warriors, as he’s done so meticulously through the years — first lauding them as a mere jump-shooting team, then finding ways to rip into their players.

To this day, Barkley holds his admiration for Klay Thompson as “the best shooting guard in the league” as his long pendant for alleged non-bias against the team.

The Loud Mound of Rebound was forced to apologize on national TV after claiming someone should “punch” Draymond Green in the face for the way he reacts to foul calls — a comment that was quickly addressed by Green in the same manner during a post-game press conference.