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Charles Barkley tries to expose Kevin Durant’s alleged tough guy act

Warriors, Charles Barkley, Kevin Durant

Inside The NBA staple Charles Barkley has had his share of pungent opinions throughout the NBA season, and he hasn’t been scared to pick fights with players regarding their behavior.

The Golden State Warriors have been one of Barkley’s favorite subjects throughout the years, going from a “jump-shooting team” that couldn’t win a championship, to having three to show for and likely more in the near future with a stacked All-Star core.

Next on his hit list was Kevin Durant, who has been known to engage on social media warfare, even after vindicating his decision to leave Oklahoma City in 2016.

“Kevin Durant is just a really nice guy trying to be a bad guy,” Barkley said. “You can’t do that. It doesn’t work. He spends all his time trying to prove to people how tough and bad he is. He’s so worried about what other people say. Kevin Durant is a great player and a great kid. I was one of those guys who criticized him for going to Golden State, but he doesn’t have to respond every time someone says something about it.”

Much like his teammate Draymond Green, who notoriously called out Barkley mid-press-conference after the Loud Mound of Rebound said someone should punch the Warriors All-Star in the face due to his demonstrative antics — Durant is bound to have a word or two to say about Barkley’s comments.

This version of Durant hasn’t been known to mince words, even if it is to come against Hall of Famers like Barkley.

Hold tight while I butter my popcorn…