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Colin Cowherd heaps praise on Warriors’ star Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry, Colin Cowherd, Warriors

When the Golden State Warriors announced that superstar forward Kevin Durant would miss the rest of the Conference Semi-Finals, all eyes turned to fellow star Stephen Curry. Curry did not disappoint under the added pressure, helping eliminate the Houston Rockets with 33 second-half points.

Like many other NBA fans, sports pundit Colin Cowherd was blown away by the sharpshooter’s performance. He waxed over Curry’s feat, praising him for his clutch game.

Curry certainly didn’t look like the best player in the world during the first half of the series. Over the first three games, he shot a combined 18-51 from the field, a measly 35 percent. However, Curry closed the series on 30-68 shooting in the last three games, about a 10 percent improvement from the first games.

On top of this, Curry stepped up when it mattered and bore the scoring load in Durant’s absence. Many had discounted the Warrior’s chances without Durant’s scoring ability, but Curry proved he was more than capable of becoming the Dubs primary scorer for at least one game.

Cowherd could be right in his analysis of Curry’s game: He is undoubtedly the best shooter in the league, and easily top three with his ball-handling ability. Curry has also shown that he has become a vocal and relatable leader, especially when his team is in bad need of a boost.

Kevin Durant will miss at least one game of the Conference Finals. Curry will have to prove once more that he can lead the team past the Portland Trailblazers without the Slim Reapers assistance.