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DeMarcus Cousins shows rehab progress and takes aim at doubters

DeMarcus Cousins

DeMarcus Cousins shook up the basketball world when he unexpectedly signed with the Golden State Warriors. An all-time great team added a fifth All-Star to the roster. Although DeMarcus Cousins is returning from a devastating Achilles injury, if he comes back healthy, the Warriors are virtually unbeatable.

Cousins took to Twitter to post a workout video to show his progress. Cousins can be seen driving to the basket, taking jump shots and working on various dribble moves. Boogie Cousins is still a long way away from returning, but it looks like he’s making great strides towards a recovery.

A vast majority of NBA fans want to see Cousins return to 100 percent. No one wants to see any players deal with an injury. Unfortunately, a swath of fans are unleashing their hate on Cousins after his decision to join forces with the Warriors.

But Boogie is letting these haters fuel his fire. He posted a tweet to egg on the haters and made it clear that he has zero doubt in himself.

Cousins is on a one-year deal with Golden State. His injury significantly hampered his chances at securing the kind of money he feels he’s worth. Golden State is the perfect situation because he can take his time in his return and once he returns, he can prove to teams that he’s healthy enough to warrant a long-term deal.

Not to mention, Cousins must love his chances at winning a title on a team that’s won three of the last four championships.