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Warriors star Draymond Green’s 5-word reaction to Lions’ first win of the season

Warriors, Lions, Draymond Green

Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green couldn’t be any happier for Detroit Lions fans after the team took their first win of the 2021 season.

After a horrible 0-10-1 start to the campaign, Detroit fans needed some kind of lift to make them forget the despair of another poor season. The Lions provided just that, beating the Minnesota Vikings in Week 13 on Sunday in a rather close affair.

While it is not the best victory and some would say that it’s ugly, a win is still a win and a reason to celebrate for a franchise looking for some positive signs. Green, who is a Michigan native, understood that and showed his delight for the win.

The Lions are virtually out of playoff contention, so there isn’t much to fight for in the season. However, that doesn’t mean the team cannot aim for a respectable finish, as well look for signs of growth as they target a better showing next campaign.

Sure the celebration over their first victory will be short-lived, but as the Warriors star said, it’s not hard to be happy for the Lions.

While Draymond Green is certainly focused on the Warriors as they aim to contend for the NBA title, it’s safe to expect he’ll have his eyes on Detroit as they enter the final leg of the 2021 season in a bid to end things on a good note.