Nick Young spent one season of his colorful career with the Golden State Warriors. He was actually part of the Dubs' unforgettable title run in 2018. At this point, Swaggy P has decided to jump in on the current all-out beef between former teammates Draymond Green and Jordan Poole.

The feud between Green and Poole recently resurfaced, regardless of the fact that the Warriors shipped the latter off to the Washington Wizards. Since then, there's been a nasty exchange of words between both camps, which has now escalated to almost the same level as when Green punched Poole in the head last summer.

For his part, Nick Young recently came across a video of Draymond also taking a swing at him. The 38-year-old confirmed that it was the same move Dray busted out on Poole one year ago:

“Draymond try that same punch with me lol ist something about corner dudes he hate lol,” Young wrote in his tweet.

Given that this is Nick Young we're talking about here, we're not entirely sure if he was kidding. The ex-Warriors stud did use the “lol” safety net in his statement (a couple of times, actually), which makes you think he was just kidding around.

You also can't be sure if Green and Young were just messing around when the former took a swing at Swaggy P in the video. Draymond did not look like he was laughing, though.

Whatever the case might be, this is living proof that Draymond Green does have a history of punching his Warriors teammates.