Draymond Green knows what the Golden State Warriors are capable of. They are four-time champions in the last eight years after all, and it's safe to say they are one of the best teams in the NBA. However, even the veteran forward cannot be too confident against the Los Angeles Clippers.

During the recent crossover of his podcast with JJ Redick's, Green opened up about which team he thinks is the biggest threat in the West. The Warriors star didn't hesitate in saying the Clippers, thanks to the presence of an incredible coach like Ty Lue and the overall talent they possess with Paul George and Kawhi Leonard leading the way.

“Ty Lue is arguably one of the best coaches in the NBA,” Green said, per Sports Illustrated. “Arguably the best. Someone can make that argument. And then they have great players. Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, the guys they're filling in around them.”

Draymond Green's comment is certainly a stark contrast from his take about the Los Angeles Lakers, whom he said can contend but won't be able to beat them even if they have LeBron James alongside Kyrie Irving.

However, it's easy to see where the Warriors leader is coming from. The Clippers struggled last season in the absence of Leonard, but with their star player expected to get healthy and be fully available in 2022-23, they are certainly looking more dangerous than ever.

Not to mention that there have been reports about the Clippers potentially getting John Wall after his buyout with the Houston Rockets. While Wall is no longer the same All-Star player he once was, he remains a capable point guard who can make a huge impact on LA if utilized properly.

The Warriors will certainly be wary of the Clippers when they meet next season, and as Draymond suggested, the rest of the NBA better be as well.