News recently broke that the Golden State Warriors attempted to trade for LeBron James. Rumors claim Jonathan Kuminga was potentially being offered in a deal to the Los Angeles Lakers. As exciting of a trade as that would be for Golden State, it sounds like Draymond Green is happy that deal didn't go through.

Green would have welcomed James with open arms. But during a discussion with Charles Barkley during the All-Star Game, the Warriors' power forward stated that if Jonathan Kuminga was going to be sent in a trade, he would have “said no.”

Jonathan Kuminga is an excellent player in his own right. He's only in the third season of his career and is currently averaging 15.5 points, 4.7 rebounds, and 1.9 assists per game. His future is incredibly bright, as many believe he will eventually flourish into a superstar. The Warriors are in a position to possibly build around him and Stephen Curry next offseason.

For that reason, it makes sense why Draymond Green would want to keep Kuminga in Golden State. The young forward offers much more longevity than LeBron James who is pushing 40 years old. So, it's not that crazy for Green to rather have Jonathan Kuminga over James.

But if the goal is to win another championship, you'd think James would be the better choice. The Lakers' star is continues to be a dominant force in the league. Additionally, if that trade did happen, the Warriors would immediately look like a true championship contender.

With that said, Golden State will be a team to watch next offseason. Rumors are already running rampant as the Warriors could be moving on from Klay Thompson. But only time will tell what the front office will do to build the roster for the future.