Draymond Green has been making his niche as an undersized power forward for most of his NBA career, a task that has required him to venture out into the perimeter on switches as well as taking on centers during certain matchups. The Golden State Warriors forward has had a bevy of experience through his seven years in the league, especially when it comes to Blake Griffin.

Griffin has been trying to post up Green since way before Paul Pierce encouraged a then-L.A. Clippers star into taking Green on the block, advice that resulted in the notable: “You can't get no farewell tour, they don't love you like that.” The Detroit Pistons started off the game posting up Griffin, as they usually do, but soon realized it was having no effect on the former Defensive Player of the Year.

“Blake is a great player,” Green said, according to Marcus Thompson II of The Athletic. “He’s gotten a lot better since the last time I faced him. So it’s always a challenge and I just try to be physical. Very strong, likes to bully ball from time to time. Just staying my ground and trying to make him take tough shots.”

After repeated failures in the first half, the Pistons looked to get Griffin going in other ways, running him off screens, and even drawing a couple of fouls on Green as he tried to fight through screens.

Green, however, was determined to stop Griffin, limiting him to a role of a playmaker, forcing him to shoot 6-of-14 from the field en route to his team-best 24 points.

“I’d rather them keep going to that,” Green said. “I don’t really want them to switch off. Keep trying to post me. I enjoy that. I take pride in getting stops. I really don’t take pride in somebody trying to take me out of the action. I hate that. I like to be in the action and in the middle of things. I just take pride in getting stops.”

Green has proven he can't be bully-balled as his height would often suggest — especially considering he's slowly put his early-season injuries behind him and looks to fine-tune into his former DPOY glory for the Warriors as the postseason rolls around.