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Draymond Green gets real on doing NBA version of ‘ManningCast’ with JJ Redick

Draymond Green, Warriors, JJ Redick, ManningCast, NBA

If there’s anyone in the NBA who could talk for a gazillion of hours and still make sense, it’s Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green. He has never been one to zip his lip, regardless of the topic.

Green recently made it known that he’s open to having an NBA version of ESPN’s popular NFL show ManningCast, which features brothers Peyton and Eli Manning. Former NBA player JJ Redick was a guest on the latest episode of The Draymond Green Show and the Warriors veteran floated the possibility of them teaming up (via New York Post).

“I think you’re onto something JJ. I would love to sit there, talk sports with you, talk that actual game with you. I think we have two totally different perspectives. I’m more of a playmaker—doing all the dirty work. You’re more coming off lighting everyone else. I would be honored to sit in a room with a GOAT like yourself and talk basketball.”

In case you’re unaware, Redick has a popular podcast, where he also chats with different NBA players on an array of topics. He’s a pretty entertaining dude, so he and Green could make for an unlikely yet interesting pair.

Green had a first-class seat to the ManningCast a few days ago when he was invited as a guest, and he admitted that he watches it more than the normal broadcast.

For now, Draymond Green will have to focus on their next assignment as the hot Warriors will take on an even hotter Phoenix Suns on Tuesday.