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Warriors’ Draymond Green gives reporter a scare for Damian Lillard question

Draymond Green Warriors Damian Lillard

Draymond Green is never one to take a slight sitting down. That’s why when the Golden State Warriors star reacted with hostility towards a question about defending Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard, you’d definitely hold your breath for a second.

Green was asked about how it is trying to guard Lillard, emphasis on “trying”. The Warriors forward interrupted the man, claiming that he was “disrespected” by the distinction, before casually revealing that he was pulling his leg.

You better believe that reporter was sweating for a second there. The Warriors star isn’t one known to have a cool temper after all, but Draymond was just in the mood for some tomfoolery that day. Kidding aside, Green spoke at length about his true feelings on Damian Lillard.

Via NBC Sports’ Alex Didion:

“Obviously one of the best shooters in our game, one of the most prolific scorers in our game, and also an incredible leader and an incredible point guard,” the Warriors star told reporters during a Thursday media availability following Team USA practice. “From Oakland, and he embodies that, he carries that, he carries that toughness. And that makes all the difference when he takes the floor.”

Draymond Green and the Warriors will definitely look to return to form come next season. But for now, he has his sights set on playing for flag and country.