Warriors news: Draymond Green gives scouting report on James Wiseman
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Draymond Green gives scouting report on James Wiseman’s fit with Warriors


The 2020 NBA Draft is full of mysteries, not only due to a cut-short collegiate season but also because of the top prospects nebulous short-sample size. Enter James Wiseman, a legitimate 7-footer that has all the raw skills to take the Golden State Warriors one notch above, at least according to Draymond Green.

The dynamic forward spoke with Jalen Rose and David Jacoby on ESPN’s “Jalen & Jacoby,” noting Wiseman could be a good addition, though it all depends on the luck of the draw:

Via Ali Thanawalla of Yahoo Sports:

“I’ve seen some clips of his workouts and highlights, and he looks to be pretty mobile, a pretty athletic guy,” Green said Tuesday. “So with our speed and pace, the way we play, I think he would definitely be a great add if that’s case, but I don’t really know what pick we’re going to get or what pick he’s going to go. I’m a living testament to that. You never know how the draft is going to go and how the cards may fall.”

Green is right on the money here. Wiseman, who only played three games at Memphis due to an NCAA suspension for allegedly receiving improper benefits, could help the Warriors immensely as the standout center they’ve never had. Yet the uncertainty of where the lottery balls will land and how Wiseman’s stock might look by draft time is so fluid that it makes it a shot in the dark to determine where he might land.

The Warriors won’t hesitate to reload and add some help, but only if it comes at the right price. Wiseman was ranked as the top college prospect earlier in the season but has dropped to a top-three or top-five cog due to doubts about his overall skill set.

Playing only three games early on the season surely doesn’t help his stock a ton, so he might just have to impress during workouts/interviews to make himself a surefire top-three option.