New Orleans Saints star Tyrann Mathieu couldn't help but appreciate Draymond Green and his importance to the Golden State Warriors.

During the Warriors' championship parade on Monday, Green took the stage to reflect on their individual journey to becoming champions again. The Warriors vet also highlighted how important it is for the likes of him, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and all those who have won the title before to see their teammates enjoy and get the opportunity to call themselves champions as well.

After hearing Draymond Green's incredible speech, Tyrann Mathieu took to Twitter to share his admiration for the Warriors forward. He then noted how every team in any sport needs a player like Green who is just the ultimate glue guy.

“Say what you want about him, but every team needs a guy like him… in every sport…. He’s Top dawg as a teammate on any team. The kind of guy that helps you win, on and off the floor!” Mathieu wrote.

Green was on the receiving end of major backlash during the NBA Finals for his lackluster showing on the offensive end, but he soon made his impact felt with his leadership, defense and grit. He also took all the attention to himself and let the hate from the Boston Celtics focus on him to pave the way for his teammates to get comfortable playing.

As Mathieu said it, Green is the ultimate leader any team or player would want on their side. The Warriors are lucky they have that player in him.