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Warriors’ Draymond Green reveals ice used in Kevin Hart’s ‘Cold As Balls’ is fake

Draymond Green

Draymond Green has had to endure plenty of cold punches in this losing season for the Golden State Warriors, but none of it compares to a cold tub, where Green met with Anthony Slater of The Athletic for an interview before revealing a quirky bit of truth.

Comparing the interview setting to Kevin Hart’s show “Cold As Balls” of the LOL Network, the Warriors defensive ace noted the ice used in the show is not real.

Here’s an excerpt from Slater’s story:

“Take a walk with me,” he says.

Where? To the home locker room. The Pelicans have a cold tub. He played 33 minutes the night prior. His right heel is sore. His knees, like basically every NBA knee, needs daily maintenance. He’ll do the interview there. Kind of like those strange Kevin Hart sitdowns, it’s pointed out.

“I actually did one of those. The water’s not even cold,” Green reveals. “Fake ice cubes.”

This kind of debunks the whole premise of the show, which is comedy in one of the most personal, if not intimate places — the cold tub. The idea in itself is brilliant and a lot less sweaty than doing the show in a steam room, but the fake ice kind of takes away from the premise of it.

Green was a guest in Hart’s third episode of the show, and rewatching it knowing that it was “fake ice cubes” just makes this scene very, very questionable.

Hart’s show, however, brings plenty of humor and candid moments with players like Green, Blake Griffin, Candace Parker, and plenty of other athletes. Just don’t be fooled by the ice.