Warriors news: Draymond Green reacts to Steven Adams' 'inadvertent' kick to Bradley Beal's groin
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Draymond Green calls out fans after Steven Adams’ ‘inadvertent’ kick to Bradley Beal’s groin

Draymond Green

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green saw the perfect opportunity to dart a shot his critics after Oklahoma City Thunder center Steven Adams delivered a ninja-kick to Bradley Beal’s groin in the third quarter of Thursday’s game against the Washington Wizards.

Adams was infamously the recipient of a Green kick back in Game 3 of the 2016 Western Conference Finals, which was ruled a flagrant foul.

Unsurprisingly, Green had his two cents to say about this kick, which was a picture-perfect laser to the man-zone, in what also seems like a reaction to all the critics who brought up his 2016 incident after what happened last night.

“Inadvertent? That’s like an actual kick, though… Hahahaha funny,” said Green in the comments section of a House of Highlights video posted on Instagram.

Green advocated to the reason of his “flailing” as a part of his game, often trying to sky above and clear space to rebound over much bigger opponents.

His kick to Adams’ nether region was one of the first in a nut-sniping barrage during that postseason, one that ended up in a suspension from Game 5 of the NBA Finals, ultimately costing the Warriors that game and the championship after the tide had turned.

Adams was called for a technical foul on this play, as Beal added to his team-high 41 points with the ensuing free-throw. Fans were quick to excuse this kick as an inadvertent act, as Adams was getting held by Marcin Gortat, but Green, who was villainized through that postseason and started to build a case as a dirty player in the league, would get no benefit of the doubt.

Nothing like a little reminder to set things in perspective.