Warriors video: Draymond Green thought he was ejected after technical
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Video: Warriors’ Draymond Green thought he was ejected for hanging on the rim

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Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green’s night against the L.A. Clippers almost ended in the second quarter. Almost, but not quite for the fiery Warriors forward.

Green hung on the rim after a dunk with 3.2 seconds left in the second period. The referees called a technical foul on Green for the antic after the dunk. The 28-year-old already got a technical earlier in the game, which made him think — like what most fans thought as well — that he was ejected from the game.

A second technical foul merits an ejection from the match. Mark Medina of The San Jose Mercury News already reacted on Twitter, saying that the All-Star forward should not have been ejected because he hung on the rim to avoid landing on an opposing player.

“Draymond got ejected for hanging on the rim,” Medina wrote. “But that’s not a good call. He hung on so he wouldn’t land on a Clippers player after dunking.”

However, the referees curiously allowed Draymond Green to stay in the game despite getting his second technical of the contest. Fans were left confused about the turn of events. The league, through the NBA Official Twitter account, immediately issued a statement to clarify why Green was not ejected.

It turns out the technical foul assessed on Green was classified as “non-unsportsmanlike” violation, which is similar to the technical fouls called for delays of the game and having too many players on the court. Technical fouls of that nature will not be counted towards ejection.

Before the game, the Warriors power forward has already earned six technical fouls. The former Michigan State standout averaged 13.5 technical fouls in the last four seasons, including 15 each in the last two seasons