Warriors news: Draymond Green's shirt potentially trolls LeBron James' 'be better tomorrow' walkout
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Draymond Green’s shirt potentially trolls LeBron James’ ‘be better tomorrow’ walkout

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LeBron James had an interesting session with the media after Game 1 of the NBA Finals. After a crazy play by J.R. Smith that caused the game to go to overtime, James was asked about whether or not he knew Smith’s state of mind during the play. Warriors forward Draymond Green has, apparently, noticed the answer.

The reason James was asked that was because he was right in front on Smith when the play unfolded, and Smith appeared to explain himself to James after the fourth-quarter buzzer sounded. The line of questioning seemed to upset James, as he left the media session prematurely and then gave this message:

Players get upset at media all the time, so storming out of sessions or scrums is actually quite common. But James giving a quote like that was a moment for the history books.

During Tuesday’s media availability, Draymond Green sat down in his area, ready to take questions. The interesting thing is he wore a shirt that said “Be Natural Be Better” on the back of it, which had Sam Amick of USA Today openly wondering if it was intentional.

At first glance, it appears to just be a shirt not aimed at anything in particular. The “Be Natural” part of it is really what drives that interpretation. But NBA players are known to troll on levels deeper than the ocean, so it’s very possible that Green is operating on evil-genius levels with that shirt. He is known to clap back at anyone at any time.

Of course, it was really Warriors coach Steve Kerr that got the last laugh in this situation.