Andrew Bogut was a strong defensive presence for the Golden State Warriors during their early championship runs.

Now Bogut is taking a stand to defend his personal beliefs when it comes to the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, whether or not he ruffles some feathers in the process.

The former Warriors big man spoke adamantly against the persistent lockdowns that the government in his native Australia imposes on its citizens. As the son of a working class father, Bogut understood the plight of the common citizen unequipped to face a never-ending isolation from society.

“My father would not have been able to survive in this current climate, period,” argued the former Warriors center. “Who pays the mortgage? Who would have paid the loan on the car? Who would have paid his business loan? I know exactly what that is all about.”

It’s clear that Andrew Bogut has had enough of the COVID-19 induced lockdowns. The former Warriors veteran understands the gravity of the pandemic situation, but implores his fellow athletes and celebrities to view how it affects the common citizens from the grassroots level.

“Why have we seen no celebrities, athletes—it’s barely one or two percent—that are speaking up against this government in Australia… You athletes and influencers that have all these sponsors and marketers behind you pushing promos to the plebs … Where’s your voice? Why aren’t you speaking up?”

There’s no perfect way to handle this global pandemic, but Andrew Bogut has certainly made it known where he stands.