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Ex-Warriors star shockingly reveals unheard truth about Dubs’ heyday

Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson

A former Golden State Warriors star still vividly remembers how the 2017 Dubs team unselfishly functioned as a unit to win its second NBA championship.

Matt Barnes was part of the Warriors team that copped the 2017 NBA title in a second duel against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

At the time, the Warriors’ offense was stacked with championship-caliber players such as Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson.

However, Barnes revealed that it wasn’t the trio’s offensive arsenal that led the team to victory. Instead, it was the willingness to sacrifice their “egos” that got the job done.

“Everyone kind of kept their egos at the door,” Barnes said on “No Chill” with Gilbert Arenas. “You know, I mean the goal was to win; that team had so much firepower, so many stars from our coaches to our players that at least while I was there basketball was what was most important. Winning was most important.”

Barnes went on to explain why none of the Warriors’ stars felt worn out even during the regular season.

According to Barnes, every dominant player on the team knew when to step up and when to let the other guys do their thing.

“There were games where guys wouldn’t kill but at the end of the day you won by 30 [points], [because] it was someone else’s turn,” the 41-year-old recalled. “When I was there, the chemistry was second to none.”

Looking back, history backs Barnes’ claims as it was the same Warriors squad that continued where it left off and won the 2018 NBA championship.