Jonathan Kuminga made all 11 of his shots on the way to 25 points as the Golden State Warriors topped the Atlanta Hawks 134-112 on Wednesday night.

With all of the controversy earlier this season regarding Warriors coach Steve Kerr's usage of Kuminga, Golden State fans are desperate for Kuminga to move into the starting lineup in place of Andrew Wiggins.

Legend of Winning asks the question that many Warriors fans have – “Why is Kuminga not starting over Wiggins. Give the young players a chance. Wiggins has clearly checked out, move on from him and embrace the future”

Chef Curry doesn't think it's even close with who the Warriors' starter should be – “Kuminga is so clear of wiggins it’s not even funny”

Andrew doesn't understand – “Kuminga, what a friggin night. Absolutely needs to start over Wiggins at this point, what more does this dude need to prove”

Tim Daniel has questions – “So is Wiggins only getting minutes in the hope that he’ll reestablish himself in the rotation or his value in trade? Because not starting Kuminga on the regular makes no sense.”

Snkr Hashira definitely prefers one Warriors forward to the other – “Crazy how much better kuminga is than Wiggins now lol”

Solo wants the Warriors to make a move – “Kuminga is HOOPING tonight. It's time to have Wiggins come off the bench for Kuminga & what it's really time for is to TRADE WIGGINS”

Taco is flabbergasted – “i will pay someone twenty billion dollars of why wiggins starts over kuminga”

Kuminga was the best player on the floor at Chase Center, tying a Warriors record for the most makes without a miss set by Hall-of-Famer Chris Mullin in 1990. Kuminga had the chance to break Mullin's mark, too, but Steve Kerr pulled the rotation players with 2:54 left in the fourth quarter, his team up 130-110.