The world may finally have an answer to one of the more fascinating questions in recent sports memory. What did Jordan Poole say to Draymond Green before the Golden State Warriors' defensive anchor punched him squarely in the face last October?

Stunningly, it allegedly centered around franchise cornerstone Stephen Curry. “You're an expensive backpack for 30,” Poole reportedly said, per sportswriter Pablo Torre. Curry famously wears No. 30 on his Warriors' uniform. Translation: Ouch!

Torre revealed on his podcast, Pablo Torre Finds Out, that his guest, Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker Ezra Edelman, received a text message detailing what was said. Torre later followed up with an array of sources before releasing the information to the news-hungry masses.

It must be noted that the biggest source on this scoop, a Warriors official, could not confirm that Poole uttered the literal quote to Green. But the belief within the organization is reportedly that this brutal, verbal jab led to the four-time NBA champion completely losing his composure in practice.

If true, such a statement is downright cold. Jordan Poole had just been gifted a huge contract extension at the time for his role in the Dubs' 2022 title run. Draymond Green, on the other hand, has long been considered the team's heart and soul, best defensive player, and one of its top playmakers. A young talent just establishing himself as a fixture in the game does not often eviscerate a seasoned veteran who many consider a future Hall of Famer.

The fact that the insult came just as Green was entering the final year of his contract likely only added more fuel to the fire. Of course, fans' will immediately jump to Steph Curry after discovering this bombshell. What was the two-time MVP's reaction to allegedly being injected in the heated exchange?

That question is probably not going to be answered. Golden State is desperate to move on from all of last season's drama, so expect the team to be visibly annoyed when it is inevitably asked to address the situation on Monday's Media Day.