One thing Jordan Poole doesn't lack is confidence. He'd probably bet on himself in a three-point shootout against Stephen Curry. That's why the Golden State Warriors youngster hasn't been bashful in trying to bump heads with the big boys from The Bay.

The banter is often playful, for sure. But you just know Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson will try and knock Jordan Poole down a peg whenever they can. They did exactly that during the tandem three-point shootout held during the 2022 Japan Games, that the Splash Brothers unsurprisingly won.

“It was nice to humble Jordan Poole,” said Klay Thompson via The Athletic's Anthony Slater.

The slight tension is natural given that Poole plays the same position as the Warriors icons. But thus far, the competitive energy has been nothing but constructive for their team play without any serious threats to their team chemistry. Warriors head coach Steve Kerr calls it perfectly “healthy”.

Via The Athletic:

“It’s healthy,” Kerr said via Slater. “Jordan now is part of the group. You have to earn that by performing in the playoffs. I think that’s where the vets will really embrace you. But at the same time, you gotta back it up every year. I think there’s a healthy vibe right now of Jordan feeling like he’s a big part of the group, but the older guys still having fun with him.”

If the Warriors commit long-term to Jordan Poole via an extension, it's quite literally the old guards versus the new in Golden State. Instead of being a distraction, it's brought a competitive fire that's been nothing but beneficial for a Golden State team that's been through the gauntlet several times over.