Warriors' Kevin Durant doesn't think it will be weird to see LeBron James in a Lakers uniform
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Warriors’ Kevin Durant doesn’t think it will be weird to see LeBron James in a Lakers uniform

LeBron James, Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant knows what it’s like for a player to leave a franchise he is synonymous with for a better situation in California. That is why the Golden State Warriors’ star doesn’t think it will be strange to see LeBron James wearing a Los Angeles Lakers uniform.

James’ decision to sign with the Lakers is quite different from Durant’s union with the Warriors, but it bears some similarities. Many feel that seeing LeBron in the Purple and Gold uniform will take some getting used to, much like how some fans still say that Durant in a Warriors uniform looks weird.

However, when asked whether or not it will look weird to see James in a Lakers uniform, KD said he doesn’t think it will feel different at all.

“Nah, I just look at the player more so than anything,” Durant said to Nick Friedell of ESPN. “No matter what jersey these guys put on they’re the same player, same feel for their game. It’s pretty cool for Lakers fans and west coast fans to see LeBron out here on the west side. Deep culture of basketball here, especially in LA, up and down the coast. So pretty fun as a fan.”

It may take some getting to used to at first, but fans will quickly acclimate to James in a Lakers uniform. After all, this is similar to when he left the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat. At that stage in his career, James had only played for one team. We’ve seen this before and we know it may look strange at first, but it should feel normal sooner rather than later.